Thursday, October 14, 2010

Playing at the Castle

So my friend Boomslang got the keys to the castle last week. Literally. He got the keys to the Cape Town castle and we (and by we I actually mean you and me – it was a public event) were invited to attend the exhibition of their work.

Boomslang works for the Zamani Project…and if you don’t know about this project and are an indigenous African then I super suggest you go check out their website here.

They create the data for the African Cultural Heritage and Landscape Database… the team go on these exciting expeditions to all the unknown heritage sites in Africa where they measure, photograph and do all sorts of other things to collect data about the specific site. Then, once they have all the necessary data they create an exact 3D image of the site as a referral to whomever will be maintaining the site in the years to come.

What. An. Amazing. Job. Right?

Anyways seeing as we were going to le castle I decided to wear one of my violently-loved seaquin dress/tops…yay! Here are a few fun pics of our evening spent at le castle (I just had to say it again).

The best part is that Boomslang has agreed to do an interview about the Zamani project for my blog (yay me!) It will (hopefully) be up soon soon (read: next year week).


ps i love seaquins *squeals*


Anthea said...

OMW, I almost took that job (not sure if it is the same one) at UCT after I graduated! Do I regret it

Love your sequins top and this post makes me want to visit the Castle again!

-TheseJadeDays- said...

wow really!? thats crazy! what are you doing now though?

:) i LOVE seaquins!! yay! and yes - you should definitely visit the Castle, it's so pretty there!

:) xx

Anthea said...

The job was to be a programmer for the team. I am still a programmer. Just for a small firm.

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