Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Busy busy busy

Tonight I’m going to the Sketch Assembly exhibition in town at the Michaelis School of Fine Art. Am super excited.

If you’re in and around Cape Town you should come too! Check out the event details on the Between10and5 website here.

Also, a friend of mine is doing his final year at the Silwood Kitchen School of Cookery and he has invited the lovely drummer and I to his final exam. It’s a semi-formal sit-down lunch, and he told me that it’s going to be a psychedelic culinary experience. Erhm, very excited and only a little nervous – as the lovely Se has said before, I’m not the most adventurous palate.

And then it’s off to the Labia on Wednesday night with the lovely Se and the wonderful Meh for our fix of Horrorfest…we’re going to watch MACHETE. I’m the biggest scaredy cat so I hope it’s not too bad…

Are you doing anything interesting this week?

Ps it’s the lovely drummer boy’s birthday this Sunday, I can wait to spoil him with breakfast in bed, kisses and just all-round pampering. Love you drummer boy!

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