Tuesday, January 18, 2011

on Sunday...

the lovely Se and i caught a train to Muizenberg, walked alongthe beach and chatted. she has just got back from a trip exploring Africa (so jealous) and it was nice to catch up.

then we stopped off at The Ice Cafe in Kalk Bay (they sell the most amazing ice-cream) and i had Pistachio and Romany Cream flavours that really sent shivers along my tastebuds. we sat on the end of the pier in Kalk Bay Harbour and took in the sunshine. it was the perfect day.

Later we got a DVD and made a delcious dinner from the vegetarian recipe book i got for my birthday! will put up pics tomorrow!

ps, I'm going to the cricket today at Newlands! am so excited - Go Proteas!


Claudz said...

Love the picture. Sounds like a great day. I love the train to Muizenberg and Kalk Bay

-TheseJadeDays- said...

It is a sweet pic hey?

You should do the walk from Muizenberg to Kalk Bay one day it really is a nice one.

:) xx

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